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Learning Management Philosophy from Martial Arts Philosophy: BizDo in Tokyo May 29-31


It was my honor to be invited by both Shizenkan University and IMD Business School to run two BizDo seminars on May 29th and May 31st in Tokyo.

These seminars help participants to understand martial arts philosophy both through the lecture materials as well as through movement based learning so that they can actually experience the meaning of this philosophy through their own body’s feelings. The theme for both of these BizDo events was the concept of 徳 (pronounced "Toku,") which is one of the five elements of the full BizDo training program of "Ki, Tai Chi,Toku and Bishin" . I explained the concept from Judo Founder Jigoro Kano of 精力善用自他共栄 "Seiryoku Zenyo Jitakyoei" which loosely translates into “the full use of our energy for good to achieve mutual prosperity”. After introducing this concept, we then applied this philosophy to actual business cases, and switched over to a movement-based learning exercise so that each participant could feel the application of this philosophy physically.

I always enjoy seeing the smiling faces of the participants while they practice these techniques!

I hope that the ideas learned in this way will naturally come back to participants as memories that they can quickly remember when they need them, and I hope that because of this that they will be able to apply what they have learned in their business and personal lives.

During my stay in Tokyo, I met a friend of mine who was an executive at one of Japan’s largest banks. During our conversation, I explained that my husband was also applying this philosophy of Seiryoku Zenyo Jita Kyoei to his Value Research Center. He said, "I sympathize with the idea that when we do good things for society we achieve profits. I tell politicians and corporations that they have to operate in this way. I support you, and I urge you to continue working hard on this." Hearing this from someone who I have known for so long made a very big impression on me.

I will continue to do my best to convey to not only students of the martial arts but also to others around the world who wouldn’t normally step into a Dojo to practice. Minoru Mochizuki's wish that "martial artists, even though they may have different cultures and customs, should lead their societies and the world to prosperity and peace through martial arts with a mind of harmony”. I hope that many people will put the wonderful teachings from the teachers of “DO” (道) into practice for the benefit of society.

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