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BizDo for EHL/CEIBS HEMBA Program

It was a great honor for me to be invited to the Hospitality Executive MBA (HEMBA) program run by two of the world's top hospitality business schools (EHL & CEIBS).


BizDo seminar taught by Chiseikan Dojo Shihan Yoshie Sugai to executives
BizDo seminar taught by Chiseikan Dojo Shihan Yoshie Sugai

In this Biz Do seminar, I focused on the main theme of the most important tenet of Budo philosophy, “Seiryoku Zenyo, Jita Kyoei”, or using the best use of your energy for the mutual prosperity and happiness of both parties. To help these top executives learn this concept in detail, we conducted a Movement Based Learning session that used physical actions to allow each of them them to personally experience these ideas from Budo and Aikido with their own bodies.

We then transitioned into business-focused case studies so that participants could apply these concepts and the techniques that they learned to real business challenges. I was impressed to hear that some of the participants immediately started thinking about what they could do to apply this “Seiryoku Zenyo, Jita Kyoei” philosophy and took immediate action that evening after the seminar.

I tried my best to convey to the participants the thoughts of the founders of Budo, including both Minoru Mochizuki, who was a close student of Kano Jigoro-sensei and an “uchi deshi,” or live-in student of Ueshiba Morihei-sensei, as well as the thoughts of Toru Kinefuchi-sensei, Nobumasa Yoshida-Sensei, and other teachers who inherited Mochizuki Sensei's knowledge and techniques. Using the thoughts of these great teachers as a foundation, I tried my best to convey to the participants the deep philosophy of Japanese Budo to help lead the world towards a more prosperous and peaceful future. I hope that the profound philosophy of Japanese Budo will help these executives and their businesses to achieve higher levels of success, not only for the participants themselves, but for all stakeholders that they impact.

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to James, Lynn, Fujikawa Sensei, and the entire HEMBA team, as well as my husband, Philip, for this wonderful opportunity.

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