BizDo Seminar Series

A 5-part seminar series to help you and your business excel


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What is BizDo?

BizDo is the path to achieve the highest level of business success through cultivating the mindset and spirit of "Gyoku Shin".

Gyoku Shin is the spirit of the leader who can guide their business to achieve the highest level of mutual prosperity and respond smoothly and calmly to any challenge or problem.

Why Martial Arts and Business?

There are two critically important elements related to business success.


The first is building a deep understanding your own and your business’s capabilities so that you will be able to make the right decisions and execute them smoothly according to the situation. The second is to be able to communicate or relate well with others (both other people and other companies).


The most successful executives excel at both of these and you can also learn these two important skills through martial arts practice and techniques.


In the ever-changing competitive world of business, it is difficult to overcome various problems and difficulties and succeed unless you are able to adapt well to people (customers, employees, partner companies) as well as the situation around you. It’s easy to talk about solving the constant challenges of business, but really doing this is much harder. This is because everything that we interact with (whether it is an individual, company, or situation) is different and is always changing.


Martial arts techniques teach us how to flexibly adapt to various opponents and situations, make judgments, and deal with problems. Furthermore, the philosophy and methods that we can learn from martial arts techniques are derived from hand-to-hand combat techniques, which means that they are perfectly suited for the ever changing, highly competitive business world.  Over the more than 1,000 years of use in historical battles, those that learned how to successfully put these into action not only survived, but thrived.


This seminar will help all attendees to experience this connection between the philosophy and techniques of the Japanese martial arts and business success. Because we are able to physically experience these techniques, they are easier to remember than just through words or lectures. This approach is called Movement Based Learning (M B L) and it is the method we use to teach the core concepts within each of these five seminars. 


These BizDo seminars were created to help you find a new path to business success.


Introducing our Guest Speakers

Alexander Nicolau

Mandaracha Tea House

Philip O'Neill

Parkdale Group


Adrian Sossna



Damien Vitry


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David Satterwhite

CIEE Kyoto


Biz道 Seminar Series

5 Part Executive Seminar Series

Runs from April 8th ~ 24th, 2022