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Yoshie Sugai-sensei introduces the Win-Win philosophy of "Seiryoku Zenyo, Jita Kyoei" at GIVS2023

At the heart of any business or organization sits the philosophy that guides it. Will this philosophy guide this business to create win-lose relationships, or instead, will its leaders and management teams work to create win-win outcomes? This question is critically important for today's leaders to answer, and is best explained by the martial arts philosophy of "Seiryoku Zenyo, Jita Kyoei" first introduced by the Founder of Judo, Jigoro Kano.

須貝圭絵先生、GIVS2023でWin-Winの理念「精力善用 自他共栄」を紹介

In her presentation at the 2023 IAFOR Global Innovation and Value Summit (GIVS), held in partnership with the Value Research Center at Doshisha University and the ESG Integration, Research and Education Center (ESG-IREC) at Osaka School of International Public Policy, Yoshie Sugai-sensei, Founder and Head Instructor of Chiseikan Dojo in Kyoto, Japan and Advisor to the Value Research Center, introduced this fundamental philosophy of Seiryoku Zenyo, Jita Kyoei using the example of Ken, Tai, Ichi no Kata from the Mochizuki Aikido style.

She also gave a short physical demonstration using a back-to-back movement exercise that was first taught to her by Toru Kinefuchi-sensei, the Founder of NenshinRyu Budo.

This is one of the main themes that she teaches in her larger, BizDo training program, which she adapted for this short presentation at GIVS2023.

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