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Experience Aikido: Trial Class on November 6th

Kyoto is now transitioning to the Fall season, with crisp air and sunny weather. It is the perfect season to try something new!

To celebrate this transition to Fall, Chiseikan Dojo will hold a special Aikido class on Sunday, November 6th for people who are new to Aikido to experience our martial art. If you have been interested in Aikido but have never had a chance to try, or if you have been looking to try a new form of physical exercise now that the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down here in Kyoto, this is the perfect time to try Aikido in Kyoto at our Dojo.

Chiseikan Dojo's most senior sensei, Yoshie Sugai-sensei will gently guide all participants through a series of Aikido and related martial arts techniques in a comfortable and safe environment.

The cost for this special 1-hour class will be ¥2,000 Yen, and those who participate are eligible for a 50% discount off of their entrance fee into Chiseikan Dojo if they sign up that day (November 6th) after this practice. Participants who sign up as Chiseikan Dojo members by the following week (November 13th) will receive a 25% discount off of their entrance fee.

We hope you'll take this special opportunity to experience our Aikido.

Space is limited to 10 participants. To learn more about this event or to register, please CLICK HERE. 

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