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Think Together, Support Each Other

​Grow together.

Chiseikan is a martial arts dojo in Kyoto. Our practice is built upon a foundation of Aikido and integrates techniques and forms from other Japanese martial arts including karate, judo, jujutsu, and iaido and teaches the underlying philosophy of the Japanese martial arts.

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Gassyuku (Training Camps)

Every year we hold an intensive training practice where we bring together all of our students in Japan and around the world to practice and learn together.

What makes Chiseikan unique?

Learn many martial arts

Nenshin Ryu Budo is built upon a foundation of Aikido and integrates techniques and forms from karate, judo, jujustu and iaido. From these integrated practices, we will help you discover new ways to smoothly handle the challenges of daily life.

Classes limited to 10 people

Because each class is limited to 10 students we provide careful and personalized guidance to each student. Each student can deeply understand their own strengths and challenges, and will receive personalized practice advice through a dedicated smartphone app.

Lifetime Enjoyment

There are no competitive tournaments in Aikido, so you never have to worry about winning or losing . Instead, the purpose of our practices is to improve your own capabilities, so you can enjoy learning at your own pace. Also, since we adjust techniques according to the opponent, it is possible for different body types, genders and ages to practice together. Because of this, you can continue your practice throughout your entire lifetime.

Naturally acquire

language and culture skills

You can naturally acquire Japanese (and English) communication skills and intercultural understanding as we practice in both English and Japanese and our classes enable you to practice with people across a wide range of ages (from elementary school to adults) and nationalities.


Want to learn something new?

Something fun? cool? or healthy?


At Chiseikan Dojo you can learn all of these things, plus you can gain a source of lifetime learning. After receiving your black belt, it is also possible to help others grow and improve by becoming a teacher yourself.. 


For many people, the martial arts have a scary, old-fashioned and strict image, but at Chiseikan, you can enjoy learning martial arts with friends from different occupations, ages, genders, and nationalities under the guidance of supportive teachers. Within this international environment in the heart of Kyoto, we've confident that your view of Japan and the world will continue to expand and grow.


For Elementary School Students

Would you like to broaden the possibilities for your children?


For Women

Would you like to improve yourself and shine more brightly?

For Middle & High School Students

Would you like to give yourself a new challenge?

For Men

Would you like to unlock your full potential?



Shihan (Master Teacher)

Born in 1969. Yoshie Sugai is the main teacher (Shihan) of Chiseikan and an 8th degree black belt (Shihan-dai) in Nenshinr