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第1回目 2022年4月8日(金)19:00 ~ 20:00 Seminar #1: April 8th (Fri), 2022

  • 1,000円
  • GOCONC 京都リサーチパーク

Service Description

「気 FLEXIBILITY 」 (English follows Japanese) BIZ道 第1回目は「気 FLEXIBILITY 」。このセミナーでは、このセミナーでは、誰でもできる武道の技を使って身体を動かしながら覚えるMBLという新しい学習法を用いて、さまざまな困難や問題に対し、柔軟に対処する術を身に付けます。人は今までの習慣にとらわれがちです。新たな問題に直面した時、不可能(できない)と言って対応しなければ楽に対処できるでしょう。ただしそのままでは、あなたのビジネスに革新をもたらす事は難しくなります。 ケーススタディでは、京都でお茶専門店 曼荼羅茶を経営していらっしゃるニコラウ アレクサンダー氏をお招きし、実際のビジネスでの経験をお話ししていただきます。 さらにセミナー後半では、実際の生活や仕事にどう活用するかをグループで考えてアウトプットを行います。 セミナー後のネットワーキングでは、多様な業界・職種の方々と交流を図りましょう! * オープニング 講師紹介・本日のセミナー内容 * フレキシビリティ =困難や問題に対する対処法 * MBL ( ムーブメントベースドラーニング) * ケーススタディ (グループワーク) * 次回セミナーの紹介 * ネットワーキング 参加費用:1,000円 定員:  30名(定員に達しましたらお申込みを締め切らせていただきます) ************** "Ki" FLEXIBILITY The first session of the BizDo Seminar Series is "Ki - FLEXIBILITY". In this seminar, participants will practice basic martial arts techniques that anyone can use to learn how to flexibly deal with various difficulties and challenges. This approach is based on the philosophy of Movement Based Learning (MBL), which uses body movements to help learn and apply concepts effectively. Many people tend to get stuck in their old habits, and have difficulties approaching problems with new and innovative solutions. When faced with a new challenge, the key is to find a way to flexibly work with the underlying problem rather than falling back on old habits or saying that there really is no good solution. This flexible approach to problem-solving becomes especially difficult in the ever-changing world of business. To help understand how these concepts can be used in business, Mr. Nicolau Alexander, owner of Mandaracha Tea House in Kyoto, will share his real business experience as a case study. In the second half of the seminar, participants will work in teams to brainstorm about how they can apply these lessons to their own business challenges. During the post-seminar networking session, you will have the opportunity to meet people from a wide variety of industries and professions! The basic seminar schedule includes: * Opening lecturer introduction / Today's seminar content * Ki, FLEXIBILITY = How to deal with difficulties and problems * MBL (Movement-based learning) Exercise * Case study (group work) * Introduction of the next seminar * Networking Participation fee: 1,000 Yen Capacity: 30 people (Application will be closed when the capacity is reached) All BizDo Seminars are taught in Japanese with consecutive English translation

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